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A year round favorite, Dunkin' Donuts brings a smile to your day. Find out why this is a franchise you should consider.

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The Advantages of Becoming a Gelato Franchise

Gelato, which is among the classic Italian desserts, was introduced in America by Guido and Simona. These two had an obsession to provide authentic Italian food to the Americans and had to overcome various hurdles in their way. Right now, they are distributing their products all over the United States. This ice cream franchise is now operating in several different places, offering genuine cuisine found in true Italian gelaterias. However, their rise to success has not been without its fair share of hardships and struggles as we will get to see in the next few sections. Despite all these troubles, the Gelato franchise has been able to establish a business model from providing the people with completely authentic Italian cuisine and culture.  Continue reading

The Chick-fil-A Franchise – A Unique Business Opportunity

This chicken franchise is a very consistent and successful franchise system. This privately-held food retail chain makes billions in countrywide sales every year over more than a thousand franchised stores in the US. The founder of the Company, Truett Cathy, attributes the success of the company to the more than 1000 franchisees and hundreds of employees who are unusually dedicated in the industry which has over the years earned a reputation for grumpy operators and high turnovers among the workers who are hired on an hourly basis. As a matter of fact, Chick fil A has a very low turnover rate of 5% per year for the operators and 60% for the workers. This is extremely low compared with that of the industry which is 107%. The food franchise focuses on acquiring and bringing in franchisees who seek lifetime commitments to the company. Continue reading

Why Consider The Dunkin Donut Franchise

Dunkin Donuts Franchise: A Brief History

Started as Luncheon services by Bill Rosenberg in 1946, this bakery franchise used to deliver meals and snacks to workers in the Boston area. This led to the launch of The Open Kettle which was a doughnut shop in Massachusetts and two years later its name was changes to Dunkin’ Donuts. Today, the franchise can be found in more than 32 countries all over the world and they boast of serving more than 70 varieties of doughnuts. This is in addition to both cold and hot coffee drinks, bagels and a number of other baked goods. The parent company of this franchise also franchises Baskin-Robbins so the two may at times get co-branded. Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Hooters Franchise

Hooters is a themed restaurant that is famous for its amazing food and unique female service. This is totally guaranteed to get customers always coming back for more and presents a very lucrative opportunity for investors who are looking to buy a franchise. Started in 1983, Hooters had its first outlet in Florida hiring only female waitresses who all wore uniform at work. This uniform was basically made up of short shorts and tank tops which had a huge appeal on the clientele. The restaurant franchise specializes in different kinds of shellfish and chicken wings. At the moment, they have an established presence in various places around the world with more than 375 stores in US alone and other countries including Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, England, Canada and many more. Even though the staff is purely female, the franchise opportunity management is available for both male and female applicants. Continue reading

A Closer Look at the Redbox Franchise

Franchising is a great way to take control over your own destiny and be exactly where you want to be. With this innovative business model, you get to invest in things that you love and you are guaranteed success. With this business model, many people have been able to earn a living for their families in a very short time with just a little bit of investing and passion. With franchising, you don’t have to do all the groundwork that is involved with starting a new business and get it on track. You get to invest in a business that has already been established and has been proven to have an impressive cost to sales ratio meaning that returns on your investment are guaranteed. Continue reading

Reasons for the Success of Planet Fitness Franchise

Based in New Hampshire, Planet Fitness has rapidly grown over the years from a tiny chain to a leading fitness franchise. The franchise has an amazing 4.5 million members spread across 47 states in the US with a huge popularity among people from all walks of life. This growth does not look like it will be slowing down any time in the near future so this is the best time to invest in it. In terms of health club franchises in the country, this is one of the fastest growing. It also acclaimed popularity after sponsoring a popular NBC television program known as ‘The Biggest Loser‘. They also have hundreds of locations all over the country making them diverse in terms of geographical locations. This can be considered to be a huge success for a fitness franchise that started out as an experiment. Continue reading