The Advantages of Becoming a Gelato Franchise

Gelato, which is among the classic Italian desserts, was introduced in America by Guido and Simona. These two had an obsession to provide authentic Italian food to the Americans and had to overcome various hurdles in their way. Right now, they are distributing their products all over the United States. This ice cream franchise is now operating in several different places, offering genuine cuisine found in true Italian gelaterias. However, their rise to success has not been without its fair share of hardships and struggles as we will get to see in the next few sections. Despite all these troubles, the Gelato franchise has been able to establish a business model from providing the people with completely authentic Italian cuisine and culture. 

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To start with, they were denied approval to import the supplies that were needed in order to come up with authentic gelato supplies. However, they vehemently fought back, getting over discouragement, mental and financial setbacks to become the very first manufacturers of authentic gelatos and sorbets in America. This success is evident given the fact that they have a strongly established presence in the US through various gelato franchise centers.

Gelato supplies are availed to the public through San Gelato café. This chain of restaurants offers their patrons an opportunity to experience cuisines that are authentically Italian such as desserts, sandwiches and coffees just to mention a few. They cater to a varied selection of the American audience from all walks of life and ages. The ambiance of the café is a true representation of the casualness and fun that is represented by an American outing. This and the authentic cuisine has been a huge boost to the success of the franchise all over America.

A Fast Growing Trend

With the long period that the franchise has had a presence in the US and the huge established success, it is no doubt that becoming a gelato franchise has become a hugely successful financial venture to undertake. The company has established itself in the restaurant industry with its roaring commercial success. It also continues to attract a lot of interest from American and foreign investors who would like to be a part of this exceedingly attractive business venture.

For one, the gelato franchise has proven to be a successful venture owing to the fact that it has displayed a very impressive cost to sales ratio since it was started. They also have an innovative concept of genuine Italian cuisine with real gelato supplies at your doorstep which has caught the attention of business people and consumers as well. So, how do you benefit from this when you become a part of the gelato franchise? Well, the benefits are many given that a lot of the groundwork has already been done for you.

You are provided the authentic gelato supplies right at your doorstep and all you have to do is simply deliver them to your customer. Provided you have a good number of customers to deliver to, you are assured of impressive returns on your investment with very little effort on your part. You get to have authentic sorbets and gelatos delivered to you and the rest is up to you. This way, you are not manufacturing anything but instead doing the delivery to your customers and making good money from it. As long as you put in some effort into acquiring customers in your area, you are guaranteed of making good returns at the end of the day. The difference is that you will be delivering authentic products to your customers without having to prepare them yourself.

The Support Your Need

san gelato franchiseYou don’t even have to invest your time and money picking up the skills needed in order to prepare the products in their original form. This is not all you get when you opt for authentic gelato supplies. In addition to the free manufacturing which gets a huge burden off your shoulder, you also get to have a variety of other customization options which you can use in order to brand the product as you see fit. You have the option of having private labels on your products, custom flavors for yourself, custom packaging and loads of help when it comes to distribution and logistics. You also get to have easy access to Italian supplies and equipment whenever you want so that you can try out the manufacturing for yourself.

No prior knowledge is needed in order to get started with this franchise since they carry out customized training programs where you get to learn how you can handle and properly present gelato and other Italian food products. In case you are looking to start out on this hugely promising business venture, you can rest assured that their professional team will help you with any troubles you may run into and make your journey in the gelato business smooth and hassle free. This way, you will be able to maximize your profits in a very short time span.

As a gelato franchise, you get to enjoy assistance in all areas of marketing, retail outlets management, distribution and handling the supplies. It is not like you will get the gelato dumped at your doorstep and left to your own means. Instead, you get all the help needed to get you up and running in the shortest time possible and start reaping from your investment. In case you are looking to reach stores, restaurants, food chain services and other outlets, distribution rights are available meaning that you can maximize your revenue by reaching as wide an audience as possible.

As you can see, the history of the Gelato Franchise dates back many years back. The founders did all the hard work involved in getting it up on its feet. This means that it is an already established business model with huge returns. Investing in the gelato franchise can really pay off in the end and you do not have to invest time and money in learning how to make authentic Italian cuisine on your own. In short, the gelato cuisine is a great income opportunity for those who are willing to invest in the food industry.

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